0.33 L X 24 Plastic Bottles - Still Natural Mineral Water

0.33 L X 24 Plastic Bottles - Still Natural Mineral Water

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MonViso’s pack of 24-count 330mL bottles of natural mineral water provides the ideal combination of portability and volume. Keep quenching your thirst anywhere by reaching for another bottle from your handy pack. These 330mL bottles are perfect for use at the office, corporate events, or at home. It’s a perfect size for kids’ hydration — and its light weight means it can be added to their school bags.

What makes MonViso the best mineral water?

MonViso natural mineral water is extremely light, minimally mineralized with one of the lowest sodium levels. With its unique composition, this Alpine natural mineral water is beneficial for maintaining blood pressure within normal values and helps reduce the risk of developing hypertension & kidney problems.

Country of origin: Italy (bottled at source at 2042 m altitude – Europe’s highest source, in Northwest Italy at the foothills of Monviso Mountain) — and is then protected at 3.8 °C away from pollution and human settlement.
Origin description: MonViso mountain’s water has been celebrated for its unique rejuvenating properties since ancient times. On 29 May 2013, Monviso Mountain was designated a UNESCO heritage site (cross-border biosphere reserve).
Ingredients: Lowest sodium levels of 0.33mg/l, minimally mineralized
Directions of use: MonViso natural mineral water, due to its purity and unique composition, is safe for consumption in large quantities at any age. MonViso water has been recognized as suitable for preparing food for infants (Italian Ministry of Health Decree No. 3991, 3rd March 2011).
Storage recommendations: Store in a cool, dry, clean place away from light, strong odors or chemicals.


Packaging materials: BPA- free Plastic Bottle
Package dimensions: 26x38x16 cm

Package uses: Perfect companion for the whole family on a daily hydration journey. Also, best drinking water choice for moments of sharing like family meals, events or special occasions.


Unlike any other mineral water companies in UAE:

Monviso offers free recycling through collection of empty plastic and glass bottles from the doorstep of customers.